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Shining light on health inequalities – RM commissioned by The Health Foundation

Last month the Health Foundation launched the COVID-19 impact inquiry, exploring the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for health and health inequalities in the UK. The inquiry will explore how people’s experience of the pandemic was influenced by their health and existing inequalities and the impact of the pandemic on people’s health and future health inequalities. 

Research Matters is thrilled to have been commissioned to conduct an evidence review as one of the strands of the inquiry, looking at how the public has experienced the pandemic.  We are trawling through qualitative and polling data, as well as other types of relevant evidence, that reflects the myriad of different feelings, experiences and reactions to the pandemic across different segments of the public.  

Alongside our work, the Health Foundation has also issued a call for evidence to gather evidence from a range of sources across the UK about how experiences of the pandemic have been influenced by people’s existing health conditions and inequalities.  

We can all see and feel how the pandemic and the response have exposed and exacerbated inequalities across our society.  And some of us are lucky enough to have felt some positive impacts too.   Research Matters is humbled and proud to be supporting the Health Foundation in shining a light on these important issues.