Taxonomy of health care policy interventions for the NHS in England

Research Matters has published a working paper setting out the structure of the NHS taxonomy that was developed as part of the Quality Impact Evidence Summaries (QIES) project. (see link Taxonomy of health care policy interventions for the NHS in England; A working paper for Quality Impact Evidence Summaries (QIES) project)

QIES present measurable evidence of the impact of policy interventions within the NHS. Distinctively, impact is viewed through the lens of quality, using the Institute of Medicine (IOM) domains of quality as a framework.

QIES began as a series of structured reviews featured in A Clear Road Ahead, a 2016 Health Foundation project delivered in collaboration with Professor Sheila Leatherman, to shape a quality strategy for the NHS.  The Health Foundation re-commissioned Research Matters in 2017-18 to develop the structured reviews further, with the aim of exploring the potential to develop a sustainable tool or service to support and promote evidence-based policy and decision making across the NHS in England.  

This paper explores the NHS taxonomy used, which focuses on health care policy levers at a national level.  It provides a framework to enable the comparison of policy interventions that have similar underlying modes of action, in order to highlight ‘what works’.  Crucially, the taxonomy can be used to underpin a systematic approach to the production of evidence reviews and potentially to influence decisions about where to commission policy research and evaluations


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