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Competitor Analysis Hijack! – The Lost Art of Competitor Research

Sometimes it can seem like in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of competitor activities has been hijacked.  It’s all about analysing the SEO traffic and online presence of peers. And it is easy to see why - with so many clever platforms and services...

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Measuring performance of schools: progress or attainment?

Should a child’s PROGRESS or ATTAINMENT level be the main measure of a school’s success?  With UK Government policy increasing focus on progress (albeit secondary to attainment for now) and debate growing about a more wholesale shift, you can see why assessment of...

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Dimensions of confident business decisions

Amongst all the blueprints for making good business decisions, our experience has shown us that it frequently boils down to four basic elements: robust internal and organisational data; insightful and targeted external market and competitor intelligence; clearly articulated strategic and commercial objectives; and...

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3 reasons why rigorous research should underpin your thought leadership

Rigorous research is one of the important factors in creating high quality and effective thought leadership material, according to research by Source for Consulting based on interviews with some of the best authors of thought leadership in the world. Research helps...

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Untangling Government funding – Mapping employment & skills provision for local authorities

Government funding and support for employment and skills – sounds straightforward enough right? Not if you’re a local authority. Research Matters worked with the LGA to map this provision to help local authorities know and access what was available in their area. Here is our final report: Mapping National Employment and Skills Provision.

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Shining light on health inequalities – RM commissioned by The Health Foundation

Last month the Health Foundation launched the COVID-19 impact inquiry, exploring the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for health and health inequalities in the UK. Research Matters is thrilled to have been commissioned to conduct an evidence review as one of the strands of the inquiry, looking at how the public has experienced the pandemic.

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